Sword Raisings

with AA Michael

& Mary Soliel— 

                      on Your Behalf!


Ideally, you are working with Archangel Michael's sword yourself, as a spiritual Warrior of Light! Michael's Sword & You teaches you exactly how to work with Michael and his sword to create positive change in your inner and outer lives.

However, if that is not the case as not everyone feels this calling, and you wish for me, Mary Soliel, to hold Michael's sword and work with him on your behalf, I am now offering sword raising sessions for you!

As AA Michael says in this book, My sword is to be used for only the highest of purposes—three purposes—and they are for Light, Truth, and Protection. Thus whatever you wish the raising to be for, imagine his sword's power being used to help shift, transmute, and transform. Then observe what comes up, within and outside of you. Think of it as a strong and powerful prayer for you, and, actually, I will end each raising with fervent prayer for you and the situation you wish to be addressed.

What is weighing on you, weighing on your heart, weighing on your energy in your personal life? Is something you wish to shift in your life? Are there issues that are difficult to work through in the usual 3D ways? Simply let me briefly know and I will raise the sword to it, with Michael, to support you and your journey. It must only be for the highest of good of course, the sword would not hold power to do anything other than supporting what is in your highest interest. The more healed we are and the stronger we become, the better we can help ourselves and this earth that needs each of us!

We can raise the sword for any of the following, and so much more!

  • finding a new purpose

  • releasing fears or worries

  • cutting energetic cords 

  • letting go of conditioning

  • betrayal or trust issues

  • loving with conditions

  • addressing addictions

  • anxiety

  • apathy

  • jealousies

  • feeling stuck

  • judging others

  • abundance issues

  • feelings of despair

  • resistance to change

  • forgiveness issues of self or others

  • anger towards self, lack of self-love

  • letting go of a misbelief (unlovable, not good enough)

How to receive a raising?
1) Simply place your request below, indicating number of raisings. (Each raising is for an individual situation or issue) and following through with paypal.

2) Fill out the form below the paypal buttons, indicating the issue or situation you wish for the sword to be raised for. I do not need a lot of detail as it is divinely known. If it's too personal to share, write "personal" and I will work with Michael to address it in that way. And if you wish for me to raise the sword on someone else's behalf, you must get their permission first. You will receive an email from me immediately following the raising(s).

3) You can also receive a New Sun Gaze—please visit www.marysoliel.com for more information—at the special rate of $22 (normally $33) when requested in conjunction with a raising, simply request it below and send me a picture where I can see your eyes well, to alighthouse@mac.com.

Disclaimer: I make no claims or promises, and the sword raisings and gazings serve as no substitute for anyone's medical or any health needs, whatsoever. Always see your doctor if you have medical or any health concerns.

Energy exchange: $11 per request                       For a Remote Gazing following: $22


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