As featured in Michael's Sword & You

Jeannie Barnes

Angel Channeler

As you know, Jeannie was greatly featured in Michael's Sword & You, channeling several vital, validating, and powerful messages from Archangel Michael, as well—a most blessed gift to this book and mission.

Mary has known Jeannie since 2008 and experienced many beautiful readings from her. Her readings provide more than guidance. She was, and is, a direct conduit to the angelic realms, and gifts otherworldly peace and comfort to the open-minded seeker. Information comes through Light Language which she then translates. It's a beautiful experience to behold and she has devoted clients from around the world. Jeannie is truly an angel in human form, and these words are not spoken lightly.

Jeannie provides readings via her website Her debut book, Answers from the Angelic Realm: Archangel Rafael Speaks, is available on Amazon.

Mia Filatov


Several years ago, Mary met Mia on social media and became instant friends. There are certain people who appear on your path in unexpected ways, and over the years provide you with profound gifts that enhance and grow your spiritual path. This is Mia.

Mia offers most potent, mystical messages from the heavenly realms that not only bring illumination to your present situation but also unfold into deeper understandings over time; truly magical. She is Slovene and yet has a great command of the English language.

​You can learn more about Mia, her readings and Metatronia Therapy® which is Source vibration healing energy, at

Rhonda Clarke

Business Owner

Rhonda is a visionary and business entrepreneur running, with her husband Bradley, a company specializing in solutions for indoor food and cannabis growers with recognition of the importance of locally grown food and medicine.


Switch Grow Solutions is based near Calgary, Alberta, in Canada. This earth loving company offers lighting solutions for indoor growing solutions, including grow tents or grow rooms they have designed and produced.

Rhonda has a rich history having lived and traveled around the world, gaining spiritual mastery in the process. For more information, contact Rhonda at

Karen Kliethermes



Karen Kliethermes is a visionary artist, illustrator, instructor, speaker, author, and Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner based near Boulder, CO. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Colorado -- Boulder with an emphasis in drawing and painting. Since Karen is very passionate about preserving the life on this planet, her main objective is to do all that she can to contribute to the cause through her work. Find Karen at