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Past Events:

Michael's Sword & You

Online Workshop! Free!

Offered through the Zoom App with Worldwide Access!

Sunday June 9, 2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Denver, Colorado!

Fri-Sun, September 7-9, 2018

Speaking at BodyMindSpirit Expo! Table all 3 days!



Group Warrior Call August 14, 2018! Check your Email!


Loveland, Colorado!

Saturday, April 21, 2018, 2 pm

Speaking at BodyMindSpirit Expo! Table Saturday & Sunday



Longmont, Colorado!

Debut Sword Workshop

Vickie Cashman's Domed Healing Center

Saturday, April 28, 2018 with Special Guest, Jeannie Barnes!



Albuquerque, New Mexico!
Awaken to Wellness Center

All-Day Sword Workshop

Saturday, May 19, 2018



Share Your Magical Validations!


If you would like to share your magical validations of either being led to or once performing sword work—such as synchronicities, supporting messages, sightings, etc.—please email them to Mary at She can then share them with the group, first name with last initial.

Signed Copies directly from the Author!
Note: PLEASE CHECK WITH MARY at for availability before placing an order... thank you!
People have been felt to spread Michael's call with multiple copy requests; 2, 3, 5, even 10 copies, which is most deeply appreciated!

Here are the specs:
Michael’s Sword & You
ISBN: 978-0-9890169-2-6
230 pages

14.4 ounces
6” x 9"
Matte Cover



Mary Soliel is an author, channel, gazer, visionary, speaker, and self-described "synchronist." Her three-time award-winning book, I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates Our Lives, is a groundbreaking exploration of the phenomenon of synchronicity.


Trained in psychology, hypnotherapy, as well as other alternative healing modalities, Mary considers her best teacher the Universe itself, the only teacher who could address her insatiable desire to delve into the mysteries and magic of life, recognizing synchronicity and the many ways it shows up in our lives, learning how to have a relationship with our angels, and understanding how to create the reality we desire.


As a channel of Archangel Michael, the publishing of Michael's Clarion Call: Messages from the Archangel for Creating Heaven on Earth and The New Sun: With Archangel Michael highlight Mary's mission as a teacher and messenger to globally raise awareness of the Golden Age before us. Mary's fourth book Look Up! See Heaven in the Clouds demonstrates her pioneering exploration and visual proof of our movement toward a new and Heavenly earth. All four titles are award-winning, and considered to be life changing reads, as well. All books can be seen at

Mary's more recent work, New Sun Gazing, is described at She channels Divine Light through her eyes to people in live audiences, but also remotely through pictures, an energy transference that knows no limits.

In her fifth book, Michael's Sword & You, which AA Michael describes as her magnum opus, offers its readers an unprecedented opportunity. Mary was clearly led to her powerful and most urgent message for humanity. This book is a guided manual to help Lightbearers take action with Archangel Michael to transmute and transcend the chaos in our world and co-create our new Heaven on Earth. This most unique and compelling read won the "Body Mind Spirit 2018 Book Award" in the category of Channeling!

The birthing of YOU ARE ROYALTY: Asserting Our Sovereignty As We Create Our New Earth came as a surprise after Mary felt the call to the Big Island of Hawaii. There, she gained a whole new level of understanding of the immense power of the Light to transcend the darkness, as humanity finally learns to free itself from the grips of enslavement, and gain their destined sovereignty and royal heritage. Her journey culminated in enchanting New Mexico where the message became crystal clear during a most defining time in the history of our world.

HOW GOD SPEAKS TO YOU marks Mary's debut children's book for ages 3-8. In this fun, one-of-a-kind book, children will learn of the many ways that God speaks to them—through exciting signs. This will inspire them to see the world in a whole new and magical way as they grow their connection to God.

Mary's debut chapter book for children for ages 8-12, LOOKING FOR LILY, will instill a sense of spirituality, confidence, and inspiration for the reader. Looking for Lily is a powerful story about a girl's spiritual search for self.

Mary's unique one-of-a-kind work, New Sun Gazing, is described here. She channels Divine Light through her eyes to people in live audiences, but also remotely through pictures, an energy transference that knows no limits.


Mary lives in Flagler Beach, Florida, and is available for speaking and gazing engagements as well as radio/print/television interviews.




Please contact Mary Soliel at:

Twelve Twelve Publishing, LLC

P.O. Box 555

Flagler Beach, FL  32136


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